Jessica Beneker

Risk Management Specialist

As a Risk Management Specialist at Concorde Staff Source, I ensure the doctor is in fact a licensed doctor, and assist them with the process of preparing for their assignment or position. I take great care in reviewing physician applications and perform the due diligence required to gather all the necessary documents that are required to make sure all information—credentials, experience, potential malpractice issues—are current and sufficient for Concord(e)’s standard of excellence, as well as the high standards of our clients.

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  • (E)laborate.

    My “E” word is “Elaborate” because every little detail can make a big difference in the process. That’s why I focus very closely on the sometimes “elaborate” application process, and walk the physicians we work with through the entire process. My persistence and attention to detail allows me to help solve our clients and providers questions, concerns or issues, no matter how big or small they are.

  • I take a very hands-on and proactive approach with my work. I believe myself to be a very punctual, detail-oriented and organized person, which is critically important to my role as a Risk Management Specialist.

    While part of my time involves tidying up “last minute” details, my organization and attention to detail helps me keep track of all the important information (and the not-so-important information) well in advance. This allows me to proactively manage the important information for both the client and the healthcare facility, helping them meet deadlines.

    I walk the physicians we work with through the entire process, making it as streamlined and easy as possible. This means that I will work closely with you to take care of sending application materials, reviewing your files, gathering documents, follow-up on processes, assist in finding missing items, taking care of licenses, and addressing all items that are required for insurance coverage through Concorde.

    I also work closely with our clients (healthcare facilities) to ensure their files and privileges are current for each healthcare provider working through Concorde.

    At the end of the day, I take pride in my work doing what I can to assist both our clients and our healthcare providers in any way possible.

What Clients Say

Our Doctors also spoke very highly of you and the work you have done for them. They said that if you recommend someone to them, they know the person is of high quality and a good fit for the practice. Therefore, I appreciate your efforts and recommendation. Even if this opportunity does not work out, it has been a pleasure working with you.

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