10 Reasons Physicians Choose One Position over Another

As the physician shortage intensifies, you need every competitive edge in attracting high-quality candidates. Understanding their mindset is essential. Based on our many years of experience connecting healthcare facilities with the candidates who fit best, here are the top 10 reasons physicians choose one position over another.

  1. Being employed vs. joining a practice.With so many practices being absorbed by hospitals, candidates are now more open to an “employed” position with a hospital. They want to avoid the uncertainty and upheaval of a takeover in a private practice.
  2. Loan repayment assistance.  With individual medical debts as high as $200,000, any help you can offer candidates with their debt load can be an important differentiator.
  3. Signing bonuses. Besides helping pay off debt, an up-front bonus also can offset the real estate and other costs associated with relocation for a new job.
  4. Financial package. Money is always important, but physicians look at the entire package—salary/guarantee, RVU formula, benefits, etc.
  5. Physician and administration relations. Physicians do not want to come into an adversarial or unstable situation. They will assess existing physicians’ perspectives on the administration, including how supportive the administration is of new medical technologies.
  6. Timely response. Physicians appreciate a call within 48 hours of receiving their CV while the position is still fresh in their mind.  Delays in setting up a visit, responding to requests and getting contracts out kill many deals. It’s an indication to the physician about how their requests may be handled when they are part of the staff.
  7. Lifestyle.  Positions offering the most attractive call schedule, hours and vacation often edge out other, otherwise comparable positions. The quality of Emergency Room, ICU, CCU and Hospitalist Programs are also important for most physicians because they can make physicians’ jobs easier.
  8. Family issues. Know your candidates’ unique family requirements—schools, children’s activities, spouse/partner’s career needs, etc.—and incorporate them into the site visit.
  9. Location, location, location. Close proximity to family and areas of interest is a major selling point for an open position. Family ties to the area strengthen interest.
  10. The site visit. Physicians take positions where they feel welcome and fit in, which is why the site visit is such a pivotal event. Include professional meetings with physician practices and the administration, as well as a social itinerary for both the physician and spouse/partner.

Read more on the keys to signing a good candidate. And if you need advice in your specific situation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jamey Morgan