Concorde Staff Source Places Occupational Medicine Physician at Nissan North America

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – April 26, 2010 – Concorde Staff Source is pleased to announce
that it has placed an occupational medicine physician at Nissan North America at the carmaker’s on-site Occupational Medicine Clinic in Nashville, Tenn.

The physician will be the director for the clinic, serving all Nissan employees at the Nashville site. He will be responsible for evaluating injuries for potential disability, treating on-the-job injuries and working with Nissan officials to establish guidelines for Occupational Health and Safety. He will also serve as the spokesperson for clinic management (Comprehensive Health Services) within the Nissan corporate structure.

Occupational medicine looks at the relationship between work and health. The field used to be referred to as industrial medicine, but today it has expanded to include occupational and environmental medicine, which considers the health effects of chemicals and other substances in the environment.

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