Helpful Hints: Interviewing Locum Tenens Firms

With the number of staffing firms servicing the health care industry, choosing a locum tenens partner can be difficult. Here are four key questions you can ask that will help you identify an LT staffing firm that makes sense for your organization.

How do you recruit your physicians?
Choose an LT firm that fills positions with physicians who live in or have connections to your area. Doctors with close ties to your region relate better to your patients. Plus, they present a lower malpractice risk, because patients are less likely to sue a doctor they’re comfortable with.

How do you screen your LTs?
Traditionally, staffing firms have only asked for references from a doctor’s peers. To ensure you get the best match, you’ll want your LT partner to go a little deeper, including talking to nurses, technicians and physician assistants. They can provide important insights on a physician’s communication skills, personality and more.

What is your billing process?
If you’ve used an LT staffing firm before, you’re probably accustomed to seeing the firm’s charges and the physician’s charges lumped into one bill. But the best firms give you itemized quotes and invoices. This way, you don’t have to wonder what you’re paying for.

Will you be my contact throughout the entire process?
Many locum tenens firms’ sales teams don’t work closely with the recruiters who find your physicians. The particulars of your unique situation may get lost in translation, making it hard to deliver doctors who are a good fit. That’s why a single point of contact is the best way to ensure that your precise staffing needs are met.