Inside Supplemental Staffing, a Unique LT Alternative

Two major healthcare facilities in Northern Wisconsin were having difficulty locating high-quality radiologists. As a stopgap while they searched for permanent staff, they contracted with several locum tenens firms. In the process, Concorde created a whole new approach to the problem. We call it Supplemental Staffing.

While the other firms were simply filling positions with whoever was available, we began to develop Supplemental Staffing, a more custom staffing method involving a consistent pool of talented physicians proven to be a good fit with the client’s culture.

The new approach delivers a staff that’s more fully integrated into an organization. The client came to realize that Supplemental Staffing was working far better than the traditional LT piecemeal approach, and they selected our team as their sole supplier.

Key Benefits of Supplemental Staffing

  • Take on new contracts or business before hiring permanent staff.
  • Keep full-time physicians from being overworked.
  • Save money and maximize group profits versus hiring permanent doctors.
  • Avoid the risks of needing to cut staff if demand or business declines.
  • Phase out supplemental physicians as permanent staff come on board.

Supplemental Staffing Results
Providing a pool of 10-15 radiologists, Supplemental Staffing from Concorde fostered a mutually beneficial relationship:

  • Staff and patients received consistent care.
  • Referring physicians were comfortable and viewed the Radiologists as part of the hospital staff.
  • The Concorde radiologists liked being familiar with the facilities, appreciated the regular scheduled work and enjoyed using time away from their practices to learn about smaller facilities.

On occasion, our radiologists even drove several hours on their off day to do a procedure that they had expertise in so a patient didn’t have to leave the area.

Expanding into New Regions, Specialties

Thanks to the initial success of the new approach, we’ve expanded Supplemental Staffing to meet the needs of groups and facilities in other states, including Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois and North Dakota.

We’ve also expanded the service to cover other specialties, including Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Urology, Otolaryngology and Hospitalist Medicine.

Interested in learning more about what Supplemental Staffing can do for your facility? Contact Concorde today at (414) 291-6180.