Introducing Nurse Manager Recruiting

The nurse manager is an increasingly important role at hospitals and medical facilities across the country. Experienced, well-qualified nurse managers are getting harder and harder to find. But Concorde is here to help.

The ongoing nursing shortage is cause for concern in the health care industry, and nurse managers represent perhaps the most pressing need. In addition to being excellent nurses, these individuals must master a wide range of business disciplines including quality management, safety compliance, finance, human resources and more.

Clearly, the role requires a talented, driven person with well-rounded set of skills. It’s just the kind of niche position Concorde excels at filling. That’s why we’re pleased to share with you that we’ve begun recruiting nurse managers for full-time placement.

Complementing our 30 years of physician placement experience, our new nurse manager offer is just the latest way we’re meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

Let us know your nurse management needs today, and we’ll get started right away finding a high-quality candidate who fits best with your facility.