The 2 Keys to Signing Your Top Candidate

So, you’ve found that perfect fit in a physician for your open position. Now it’s time to close the deal. Find out which two aspects of the process will make or break your success.

Nothing demonstrates your interest in the candidate—and keeps your candidate interested—better than prompt responses at every step. Conversely, delays in responding to requests, setting up a visit and getting contracts out kill many deals. Timing cannot be stressed too much!

  • Call a physician within 48 hours of receiving his or her CV.
  • Set up a site visit within one week of the phone conversation.
  • Get a draft contract into their hands within a week of that visit.
  • Conclude negotiations within two weeks of sending the contract.

Site Visit Preparation
The visit is the pivotal moment in the recruiting process, so be ready for it.

  • Professional and family needs – Do your homework about both the career and family interests of your candidate as well as his or her spouse or partner; the site visit is the ideal opportunity to address those issues.
  • Well-planned itineraries – One professional meeting with existing physicians and administration; one social meeting with physicians and spouses/partners; one for spouse/partner to address their professional and family community needs. Know family needs in advance.
  • A prepared contract – It’s a big plus to discuss general terms of the agreement while the physician is on site.