Why Locum Tenens Candidates Are Better Than Ever

In the current economic and political climate, finding ways to increase revenues and incomes is on everyone’s mind. In healthcare staffing, one result of this mindset is an increasing interest in locum tenens positions – and more high-quality candidates available for your staff.

Physicians are feeling a little squeezed of late for a variety of reason.

  • Increased paperwork and related overhead costs due to recent changes in healthcare
  • A decrease in federal reimbursements, especially Medicare
  • Fewer patients on account of economic circumstances
  • Overall, working harder for less money

To offset these challenges, it’s no surprise that more and more doctors are gravitating toward locum tenens. For example, we’re working with a great full-time doctor who now says he wants to do locums jobs four weeks per year to help save for his children’s college.

The upshot for you is that, in many cases, we’re finding physicians currently seeking locum tenens work to be of a high caliber that previously was much harder to find in the marketplace. In other words, more candidates than ever are capable of passing our stringent qualification practices and satisfying the unique demands of your open positions.

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Jamey Morgan