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(E)xceptional matching of healthcare facilities with Physicians and Advanced Practitioners across the United States.

Privately owned and medium-sized by design, we are a Locum Tenens and Direct Hire firm that answers to you, not shareholders. Our focus is on providing you with expert results, not padding profit margins. Some call us heroes, we call it “our job.”

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It's amazing to get a call back from a Locums staffing firm immediately, even though they weren't going to profit from it. Now that's service.

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We’re not kidding. (E)thics define our daily operations—we respect who you are and what you do. Our stringent qualification process means that we demand excellence from our physicians and Advanced Practice professionals. The result? A better match with healthcare facilities where you’ll be appreciated and respected.

With personal attention from your dedicated Concord(e) consultant, we’re committed to meeting the needs of both healthcare facilities and providers. We work in your best interest, from start to finish.

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Locum Tenens

Did you know that 7 of 10 physicians have misconceptions about Locum Tenens? While locums can offer great pay and experience, there are many things to consider before starting an assignment.

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Direct Hire

Family, stability, location; these are just a few of the things you’ll be thinking about when looking for a direct hire position. Our person-to-person design will ensure we find a great position that you’ll love.

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Our (E)xacting Approach

 With over 50 years of experience, we take the same approach to Locum Tenens and Direct Hire, looking for qualitative factors that other firms can’t provide—delivering you providers specifically screened to fit your medical facility. Our approach and dedication to higher standards is what sets Concord(e) apart from the rest.

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The Concord(e) Promise

 Our proprietary process allows us to find the right candidates for you, so you can fill your position with confidence. Stop wading through stacks of CVs hoping for the “right fit.” Forget paying firms for lack luster results. We set the standard for the most stringent qualification practices—even if it means turning some candidates away. Bottom line—you’ll only hear from us when we have a match.

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For Clients

Just because it’s work, doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

This isn’t about CV dumping, it’s about finding quality healthcare providers whose skills and history match the cultural nuances of each position.

Why Concord(e) is the #1 choice for Direct Hire:

  • Our (E)xperienced matching process minimizes turnover because providers have a reason to stay.
  • Our process screens for personality, experience, and cultural fit.
  • With a database of over 500,000 candidates from around the country, we can locate even hard-to-find practicing physicians.

Why no one can match Concorde’s Locum Tenens:

  • Matching on more than licensure and specialty, we connect you with a different type of Locum Tenens physician.
  • We do the heavy lifting—you will never receive a flurry questionable CVs.
  • Physicians we refer often use Locum Tenens to complement their private practice or academic position—like you, their reputation matters.

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