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I am so grateful to you [Kathryn] and Concorde for the Locums opportunity you provided me. I loved the personal service and hope you enjoyed the floral arrangements I sent!

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In Latin the term “Locum Tenens” means “place-holder.” Locum Tenens can be a great way to gain experience, earn extra income and discover what you like most about practicing medicine.

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Direct Hire: Physicians & Advanced Practitioners

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You didn’t go to medical school to learn to how write “dream” CVs. In fact, your chance of landing in the hospital of your choice is slim unless you:

  • find someone who can help you stand out against the rest
  • carefully choose where you apply, instead of flooding all the jobs

That’s where our 50+ years of (e)xperience and (e)xpertise come in.

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A new assignment or placement in a new location is a big decision. That’s why we get to know you as a person. We examine your situation and our experts provide you with sincere advice, direction and support. We believe it’s time you experienced world class placement care.

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