Testimonials & Success Stories

“RBS has always done our own recruiting for our management clients. We decided to hire Concorde to supplement our service on a search for a Pediatric Radiologist for one of our clients. Concorde provided a highly qualified and motivated candidate which we interviewed and hired. They took the time and effort to understand the practice, job requirements and most importantly what would be a good fit for the group. One referral, one interview and one hire are about as good as it gets in recruiting. Colleen and Ken are true professionals and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.”
Our Doctors also spoke very highly of you and the work you have done for them. They said that if you recommend someone to them, they know the person is of high quality and a good fit for the practice. Therefore, I appreciate your efforts and recommendation. Even if this opportunity does not work out, it has been a pleasure working with you.
I never feel like I am doing this on my own when I work through Concorde. I like the way they handle all the details and also touch base with me while I am on assignment.
I like working with Concorde because the Hospitals where they place me expect that I will be good, because all of the doctors they send out are. I like being part of the elite pool of physicians.
Working with Concorde, I don't feel like just a number. With the larger companies, I don't believe that my needs are considered.
Jody, I know that when I get a call from you, the opportunity is real. You are awesome to work with!
Thank you so much for finding me this wonderful opportunity! I love working here! The physicians that work here are great to work with... simply the best opportunity ever!
I really love working with Concorde. You care about me as the physician and not just the $$$$. I've passed on your name to all of my colleagues. Thank you so much, Shelly!
I will only work with Concord(e). I receive calls from other firms all the time, but I won't work with them. Concorde makes me feel very comfortable and I appreciate all your help and guidance. I want to keep in touch with you so that when I complete my fellowship, I can be placed in a permanent position!
I love the consultative approach Kathryn and the rest of the Concorde team takes. You've helped guide me through my first year of working Locums post Residency, which has allowed me to financially manage traveling throughout the world and starting up my own charitable organization!
I hope you enjoyed the fruit boxes I sent you over the holidays. I can't thank you enough for the hard work you do on my behalf. I love the Locums assignments you find for me and look forward to our ongoing work together.
I can't thank you enough for the supplemental staffing opportunities that Concorde provides me. It has allowed my family to survive financially through the tough economic times facing my practice and home state.
The change of pace that my locums assignments in which Concorde has provided me are amazing. The changeup from my normal urban practice setting allows me to experience patient medical cases that I can take back to my Residents. Thank you so much, Concorde!
I've decided to accept a permanent position with the locums opportunity you provided to me during my Fellowship. I'm grateful for the exposure to a practice style that will best fit my desired career path, and plan to utilize you in the future when I have staffing needs for my new position.
I am so grateful to you [Kathryn] and Concorde for the Locums opportunity you provided me. I loved the personal service and hope you enjoyed the floral arrangements I sent!
Thanks for all your help on the physician search! I am confident we will move forward with this. You are an awesome recruiter. Next time I'm in Madison, I'm going to drive to Milwaukee to have lunch with you and Jody!
As Director of a Level II Trauma Center, I'm amazed by the qualifications of Concorde's Locums physicians, and would love to know how they find them. Locums physicians from Concorde has made staffing my department much less stressful.
Concorde's customer service is beyond amazing... Our nurse managers have all commented that no other staffing firms have ever called to make sure that they were happy with the Locums physicians, nor have they ever called asking for their feedback regarding physicians.
Our laboratory staff commented to us saying that the Concorde Pathologist that worked with them was the best Pathologist they have ever worked with. Not only were they knowledgeable and efficient, but she made the laboratory a less stressful place to work!
Out of all the Radiologists I've worked with, the Locums Radiologist sent by Concorde is really the finest in my career.
Thanks for all your help throughout this process... you and Concorde make things quite easy. Truly a first-class operation!
The Locum Tenens Anesthesiologist you provided is a much more talented anesthesiologist than I am, and I'm grateful to leave my patients in good hands.
I just wanted to call to personally thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with Dr. [redacted]. She is a great doctor, a great person to have. The office atmosphere was phenomenal when she was here. The patients really loved her, we loved her—the staff, we wish she could stay a little bit longer. She was an outstanding doctor, and was a pleasure having her as our attending physician.
Dr. [redacted] is a breath of fresh air compared to some of our own doctors!
I can sleep better at night knowing that Concord(e) is working on our behalf.
The Pathologists that have worked through Concorde are head and shoulders above the independent locums that I have used. A breath of fresh air!
We have found that the physicians Concorde sends our way are so good that we have extended multiple contracts who have worked for us on a supplemental staffing basis. Thank you, Concorde!
We couldn't believe how great the Locum Tenens Anethesiologist was that Concorde helped us place. They were even far more qualified than most of our in-house Anesthesiologists!
Jody from Concord(e) helped us find a Locums physician that was so good, we asked him to train our physicians on the latest interventional radiology techniques.
A testament to the (E) difference: A Concorde Locums physician traveled 5 hours on his day off to perform a highly specialized procedure on a patient in need.
Out of all the Locum Tenens firms we've worked with, Concord(e) is far more organized and responsive than we've ever experienced before.
It's amazing to get a call back from a Locums staffing firm immediately, even though they weren't going to profit from it. Now that's service.