Our (E)xacting Approach

Our high Client retention rate isn't an accident. The approach we take is deliberate, decisive and exacting.
The result? Less CV sorting and higher-quality matching for you... now that's what we call a win-win.

An approach to Locum Tenens and Direct Hire placement that works. Who knew it could be this simple?

It’s simple really, when you take away all the fluff, sales pitches, and endless flurry of CVs, you get something amazing—peace of mind, higher-quality providers, better patient care. This is what you get when you work with Concord(e).

That’s why at Concord(e), we work for you—not a shareholder. We are accountable to you, and put customer service first. Always. We don’t charge you a retainer for Direct Hire placement; you only pay for successful results. The Locum Tenens providers we send you have been paired based on more than just their CV.

Our (e)xacting approach takes into consideration the cultural nuances of a job position. Let’s face it, if the provider doesn’t get you or your patients, they’re not a good fit.


As a founding member of both NAPR (National Association of Physicians Recruiters) and NALTO (National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations), our leadership sets the benchmarks in the health care staffing industry.

We hold ourselves to higher standards at Concord(e) to which the rest of the industry aspires:

  • The right fit: We work hard to cover all the details and ensure that both medical facility and candidate are satisfied.
  • Trust: We provide a single point of contact—an experienced Concorde Consultant who takes the time to address your unique needs.
  • Great value: Through a combination of personal attention and excellent resources, we deliver more.
  • The highest quality: We adhere to the most stringent qualification practiceseven if it means turning some candidates away.
  • Cultural compatibility: We strive to match candidates to the geographic and cultural parameters of every job.
  • Risk management: In order to ensure the best possible fit, we work with you to thoroughly examine every candidate’s history.
  • Accountable to you: We don’t run from problems; if you have a concern, we take care of it personally and immediately.

Are you looking for the same trust and happiness our Clients have with us?

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