When you work with us, you are more than just a CV.

At Concord(e), we have over 23 years of (e)xperience providing Locum Tenens staffing services to physicians all over the United States. To us, you are more than a number, name and CV; you are a respected individual with unique interests.


Jody, I know that when I get a call from you, the opportunity is real. You are awesome to work with!

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We don’t run from problems—we solve them.

If you have an issue, concern or question, we don’t run from the problem. Instead, we step up to the plate and ask the hard questions to help you solve your problems.

The truth is, if you find that things are as you expected them to be, we will work as your advocate. When you partner with us, you are not alone; we are always here to help you through every assignment.

Ready to learn more about working as a Locum Tenens physician? Let Concord(e) help you find a match that works for you.

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Get (e)xpert coaching, on us.

While there are many things to consider when you are starting a new Locums assignment, we help you make sense of it all.

We look at you as a professional, as a real person. You aren’t getting tossed in with a flurry of other CVs and shipped out to a new hospital or location; instead, you receive the personalized, one-on-one care you need to be a successful Locums physician.

Common benefits you get when working through Concord(e):

  • you get the lions share of the fee—you’re doing the work!
  • accurate details of what the assignment will cover
  • screening for manageable patient care volume

What to Expect as a Locums Physician

As a Locum Tenens physician, there is more to consider than good pay and sightseeing.

When you partner with Concord(e) as a Locum Tenens physician, you get an expert advisor who takes the time to learn what’s truly important to you. We advocate on your behalf to help you find the best fit between you and a medical facility, allowing you to provide the best patient care.

We are the only Locum Tenens firm who tries to keep you close to home, which cuts down on your costs and travel time.

What you get with Concord(e)

The best way to learn about how Locum Tenens can meet your needs, goals and aspirations is to contact your Concord(e) Consultant. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Concord(e) as your Locum Tenens advisor:

  • we pay our Locum Tenens physicians more than competitive rates
  • keep you close to home, helping lower malpractice risks
  • dedicated Concord(e) advisor, we are here to take care of you

We’ve been matching (e)xceptional Locum Tenens Physicians
with healthcare facilities for over 23 years.

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