Ryan Cegelski

Director of Physician Recruitment

I work earnestly each and every day to meet and exceed the needs of my clients and the physicians I match them with. I aim to be consistently flexible in how I work, adapting as needed to the methods in which my clients communicate. I am always trying to stay one step ahead to anticipate my clients needs, even before they know they have them.

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  • (E)arnest.

    I am earnest in my approach to the relationships I build with both our clients, as well as our physicians at Concord(e). I work to provide the best match between my clients and the physician I pair them with, taking a deliberate, flexible approach to finding information and delivering results. I love challenges, and am eager to address them when they are presented to me. I work hard to fully understand the needs and goals of my clients, and the physicians we help find placements for. Through an honest, sincere approach to my work, I know that I deliver the type of customer service and support that cannot be found at any other Direct Hire and Locum Tenens recruiting firm.

  • If there are two words to describe how I approach my day-to-day with my clients and the physicians I work with, it would be “Honest” and “Real”. I believe that taking an honest and real approach with my clients and providers is the only way to develop a healthy, successful working relationship. The way I see it, working with your physician recruiter shouldn’t be hard. As a positive, friendly person, I want to make sure you feel comfortable communicating with me in all matters of the recruitment process.

How I Work With...

  • Success is the sum of the details.
    ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    To provide the utmost success in our results, I believe that true success lies in the sum of the details. That’s why I like to partner closely with my clients to build a close, trusting relationship. This allows me to get all the details, no matter how big or small, so as to give me the greatest understanding of their needs. The more I understand your needs—whether that be job-specific, cultural, or otherwise—the more I am able to create a successful match between you and a qualified physician.

    We take a client-first approach here at Concorde, often asking ourselves, “is that how we would want to be treated”? If we answer “no,” we keep looking. When you work with me and the team at Concorde, you aren’t just a number—you’re a person we care about. I am excited to show you what a higher standard feels like, every day.

  • Like you, I am detail oriented and calculated in my process. My goal is to deliver you the best options available. That’s why I aim to be flexible to your needs, whether that’s through adjusting my communication style to match yours, or changing the way we gather information from you, I work to make this process as easy as possible.

    It’s more than just being flexible and making your life easier, though. It’s also about getting to know who you are as a person. What interests do you have? What considerations do we need to take into account with you and your family?  What are you trying to avoid?

    I try to look at the entire picture, approach our work together from a “totality” perspective, allowing me to find better matches for you, matching on more than a small fraction of your criteria. It’s my off-the-paper matching process that allows me to make an unequalled match between our clients and you.

What Clients Say

Our Doctors also spoke very highly of you and the work you have done for them. They said that if you recommend someone to them, they know the person is of high quality and a good fit for the practice. Therefore, I appreciate your efforts and recommendation. Even if this opportunity does not work out, it has been a pleasure working with you.

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