Skyler Morgan

Director of Employee Relations, Security & Office Morale

As Director of Employee Relations, Security and Office Morale, I definitely hold the most titles out of anyone. As such, I take my job at Concord(e) very seriously. It’s my primary goal to ensure our team stays healthy, happy and focused… (okay, maybe I get in the way of focus every once in a while.)

  • (E)xuberance.

    When asked what one word I could use to best describe myself, people often tell me that “exuberant” is an understatement. Speaking honestly, I am a ball of energy… but not in a way you might think. I like to think it’s the type of energy that can lighten the air, perk up your mood, and bring laughter to a crowd. There’s a time and place for seriousness… I’ll let other people deal with that.

  • You’ll find that, when visiting my office, nothing gets by me—I wouldn’t be that great of a security director if it did! But don’t worry, I’m not all that serious; I try to bring some levity to every situation. If my co-workers are feeling down, or maybe a little stressed out, I’m there to help. Some people hate it when others run up and greet them enthusiastically, but that’s one of my most endearing qualities, gets them every time.

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