3 Reasons Not to Choose Concorde for Locum Tenens

Otherwise, When Quality Counts, You Should Always Call Us

In considering your key criteria for selecting a Locum Tenens staffing partner, certain circumstances just aren’t a good fit with our services and our high standards.

1. You just want the lowest-price option. Concorde holds our candidates and ourselves to the highest standards. That’s why, although we’re competitively priced, we’ll never be your least expensive option.

2. You only want to work with the same physician every time. An expectation that a certain candidate is always open for the job is not a good match with high quality. Why? Because the best physicians aren’t so readily available. Clients who are committed to quality have learned that it takes more than one physician to deliver.

3. You absolutely need a physician tomorrow. If you do need someone immediately, the truth is that the larger companies are structured for the higher volume of candidates you may need to ensure availability. Keep in mind that physicians who are available at a moment’s notice are unlikely to be of the highest quality. And here’s an idea that can help you avoid these last-minute needs in the future. Call us first to set up a pool of high-quality physicians who are a better fit and more reliable over time, then call that big firm for your immediate opening.

On the other hand, here’s one instance in which the answer should always be Concorde:

Your primary concern is physician quality. Our concept of assembling a pool of carefully qualified physicians has consistently delivered higher-quality results. We’re medium size by design, without shareholders to answer to, so we have the flexibility to screen out the physicians who don’t meet our standards or your needs. The size of the pool will be as small as possible to cultivate relationships, but large enough to give you the coverage you need.

Perhaps you need to use a larger firm in the short-term to cover your immediate needs. In the meantime, we can start assembling a pool for you that will ultimately elevate your quality level, and you can later phase out the ad hoc approach.

So give us a call today to get started toward higher standards.