4 Areas to Improve Retention

With all the competition for high-quality physicians right now, retention programs are increasingly important. It pays to be creative and committed in encouraging the hard work of your best physicians. Here are four areas where you can be more effective in your physician retention program.

Networking opportunities

  • Social events targeted at connecting physicians with their colleagues, patients or community.

Physician-friendly scheduling

  • Aim for consistency and stability.
  • Ensure appropriate amount of time off.
  • Offer flexibility to participate in conferences, teach or work on special projects.

Professional development support

  • Cover memberships, conference attendance, certification programs, etc.

Pay for performance

  • Closely connect salary and bonuses to quality and commitment.

Concorde is committed to supporting your retention efforts by finding the candidates who fit best with your organization.

So if you’re looking to add a compatible, high-quality physician, contact us to discuss your unique needs today.