6 Potential Deal-Breakers in Candidate Screening

In Concorde’s stringent qualification process, it’s often as much about the candidates we don’t send you, as those we do. So we thought you might like to know why some candidates might not make the cut. Here are the six most common reasons:

  1. Gaps in employment or residency changes. These issues must be looked at closely, but with proper and verified explanations, they may be fine.
  2. Certification delays. It could mean the candidate didn’t pass an exam or didn’t believe it was important, but sometimes there’s a more satisfactory explanation.
  3. Departures for “political reasons.” Peculiar or vague explanations for leaving a position are often a front for more serious issues.
  4. Unacceptable malpractice history. The number, frequency, nature and judgment amounts of lawsuits must be carefully examined.
  5. Appearing on Medicare or Medicaid exclusion lists. Any history of billing problems or fraud investigations can cause real problems for any employer.
  6. Questionable job search priorities. If their major interest is money, then they may not be a good fit.