Advanced Practitioners Remain a Cost-Effective Asset

A Few Notes on a 2013 Salary Survey Showing Rising Pay

The Clinical Advisor’s 2013 Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Salary Survey was a good snapshot of the rising salaries of all Advanced Practitioners. And these salaries have continued to rise since the data were collected. It’s important to note, however, that these professionals continue to be valuable members of any health care team.

Since the survey, we’ve seen salaries for Family Practice PAs and NPs rise from $90,500 to closer to $100,000 today. That’s an increase of 8-10%. For Orthopedic PAs, meanwhile, the average figure has gone from $105,000 to $115,000 or more, depending on the region. That’s also close to a 10% increase.

Other surgical specialties will see similar increases. Advanced Practitioners who work in Urgent Care have realized the largest increase in salary due to high demand. Their salaries have increased over 12%.

Keep in mind, of course, that salaries are but one part of the overall compensation package designed for Advanced Practitioners. Other components include a schedule of benefits similar to, if not exactly like, that of a physician, as well as relocation expenses, malpractice insurance and CME expenses. Association dues, certification expenses, etc. are also included.

Even with these salary increases, the FP Advanced Practitioners are still paid at approximately 50% less than a Family Practice Physician and even less proportionately within the surgical fields. Advanced Practitioners are and will continue to be a valuable and cost effective asset to any health care team.

You can see the full survey results here. For help finding the right Advanced Practitioners and crafting the right compensation package, get in touch.