Finding the Right Fit in a Locum Tenens Firm

Everybody wants to fill physician openings as fast as possible. But doctors are the face of your organization. It’s worth it to make sure you find the right locum tenens doctor for your situation. And that takes higher standards. Here are some of the ways Concorde Staff Source finds physicians who fit best with your practice and your patients.

Insist on More Selective Recruiting
Your patients and the public don’t differentiate between a locum tenens doctor and a physician on your staff. He or she represents your group or hospital, either way. You want doctors who are committed to their work—not the glamorous globe-hopping lifestyle advertised by some locum tenens recruiters.

That’s why Concorde is much pickier about candidates than many firms you’ll encounter. We’re focused on finding a talented, dedicated physician who’s connected to your region. Doctors with close ties to your region relate better to your patients. Plus, they present a lower malpractice risk, because patients are less likely to sue a doctor they’re comfortable with.

Seek a Single Point of Contact
Larger locum tenens firms tend to deploy sales teams that don’t work closely with the recruiters who are charged with finding your physicians. They may lose sight of your needs in the process, making it hard for the firm to deliver doctors who are a good fit.

When you work with Concorde, you deal with the same person every time. We provide more personalized customer service while steering clear of the profit pressures of a large, public company. And the benefits to you include greater consistency, communication and accountability for good results.

Look for a Thorough Screening
All locum tenens firms engage in a screening process. Concorde does more.

Our screening process doesn’t just look at skills, experience and continuing medical education. It also involves considering personality fit, including extensive reference checks. We talk with former employers as well as former colleagues and support staff, who often provide the most candid insights about the way a physician interacts with patients and other people.

You Deserve the Highest Standards
Patients’ safety and satisfaction—not to mention your organization’s malpractice liability—are at stake with every medical staffing move you make.

At Concorde, we are fiercely committed to holding both our physicians and ourselves to higher standards. You need to be confident that your locum tenens firm will help you find physicians you’d trust your own family’s care to. Through responsive service, transparent billing practices, careful recruiting and more, that’s the assurance we deliver every day.