Get Inside the Mind of a New Physician

Meet “Dr. Sophia.” She’ll soon be starting her Family Medicine Residency. And as a friend of Concorde, you’ll be able to follow along via Twitter. Be sure to join us for this rare and valuable glimpse into the world of a next-generation recruit.

Dr. Sophia has kindly agreed to share insights about her residency experience, bringing you a better understanding of the expectations and challenges of the “new physician.”

She’ll address key issues such as:

  • How has the Affordable Health Care Act affected her training?
  • What challenges does she face when considering good patient care vs. the cost of care?
  • What do physicians like her want most in a position?

Stay tuned for Dr. Sophia’s first posts in the coming months. In the meantime, do you have a specific question of your own you’d like her to answer? Send us queries for Dr. Sophia via email at or via Twitter (@ConcordeStaff).