Healthcare Reform May Increase Demand

Are you ready?
Some 30 million new patients will be insured if the U.S. Senate passes the healthcare reform act. You will need quality physicians to ensure patient care remains a high priority. Concorde Staff Source can help you solve this challenge but in a new and effective way.

Not all supplemental physician staffing agencies should be treated equally. At Concorde, our physicians become more fully integrated into the medical facilities they’re serving. They’re just like any other member of the team.

How do we make this happen?
When you work with Concorde, you have one point of contact. Because of this, we’re able to develop strong relationships and get a full understanding of what your facilities’ needs are.

We can then develop a small group of doctors that match those needs and the culture of your facility and location. Our physicians will return to work for you on a regular basis, so they always hit the ground running. Because they’re so integrated, it becomes hard to distinguish our physicians from your full-time staff.

A Concorde physician you will find can be relied on far more than a typical locum tenen. Our physicians are also known for their experience in performing procedures your facility is currently not providing; helping your full-time staff enhance their quality of care.

In other words, we help you maintain a full, vibrant staff. And that’s exactly what’s needed as we approach the possibility of a new era with more insured patients than ever before.

Jamey K. Morgan