Locum Tenens Physicians work in 75% of all Health Care Facilities

A recent industry survey indicates that Locum Tenens medical professionals are here to stay.

Here are some Locum Tenens facts revealed in a recent survey by Staff Care:

  • The percentage of medical facilities using locum tenens physicians hasn’t been lower than 75% since 2006.
  • On an average day in 2011, more than 40% of all medical facilities were searching for locum tenens doctors.
  • In 2011, most medical facilities used one or more locum tenens doctors every 31 days.
  • Nearly 80% of administrators feel the value of locum tenens physicians outweighs the cost.
  • Locum tenens doctors are most frequently used as back-ups while administrators search for more permanent staff.

Meanwhile, to help meet the demand, we’re happy to report that we’re seeing an increase in high-quality physicians looking for LT positions. So be sure to give us a call to learn about our latest candidates who can help you fill the gaps.