How Physicians Can Prepare for a Site Visit

Physicians know their time is valuable. If you have found a potential opportunity and want to visit the practice and community, you want to make the most of this time. The goal is to get an offer and be sure you have the information needed to make a decision. Practice, lifestyle, and family needs are a few of the puzzle pieces.

Productive itinerary for your interview – What every physician needs to include in this process:

  • Make a list of questions for your goals (procedures, patient volumes, referral resources, equipment, compensation, benefits, call schedule, etc.)
  • Is the itinerary structured to meet all the parties who can address these questions?
  • Personal needs: family, housing, partner’s careers, religious needs, hobbies and interests.
  • Sell yourself! Be prepared! Be enthusiastic! Appear engaged in the process!
  • Ask for the offer and what the next step will be.
  • After your visit, send a thank you note. Follow-up with your recruiter and discuss strategy to accept or decline an offer.
  • Make sure you return calls/emails/texts/ from both your recruiter and contact at the practice. Lack of communication and not being on the same page will reflect poorly on you. Remember it’s a small medical community – Don’t burn a bridge.

This helpful hint was provided by Concord(e) Physician Source. Found member of NAPR and NALTO. Celebrating our 50th Year in the Staffing industry.