Right Sized for the Right Fit

How We Bring You Better Candidates.

Concorde Staff Source isn’t a giant global firm. We aren’t a mom-and-pop shop, either. And we like it that way—because our firm’s medium size plays a key role in our commitment to finding just the right candidates for your needs.

The largest healthcare staffing firms typically have enormous pools of candidates, trying to be all things to all organizations, all the time.

They may be able to quickly find a physician for your open position. But quickness isn’t your only concern. You need to make sure you find the right fit with a candidate, because your doctors are the most important public face of your organization.

That’s why, at Concorde, we’re much pickier about candidates than many firms you’ll encounter.

We follow some of the most stringent physician qualification practices—even if that means turning some candidates away. Our screening process doesn’t just look at skills, experience and continuing medical education. It also involves considering personality fit, including extensive reference checks.

The smallest firms may be able to delve into this level of detail with their candidates. But they’re limited in scope and reach. They can’t offer the breadth and depth of resources Concorde does in meeting and exceeding your staffing needs.

The size of our firm is by design—it’s designed to produce better results. For example, in the last six months, our clients were so pleased with the locum tenens physicians we supplied that they hired 20 percent of those LTs as permanent staff.

That’s a sure sign of a fit that’s just right between client and candidate, made possible by a staffing firm that’s just the right size.

Jamey Morgan