Staff Snapshot: Shelly Meyer

Director, Locum Tenens
Years at Concorde: 17 years+

With experience spanning two decades at Concorde, Shelly is a key reason so many of our clients and candidates enjoy successful Locum Tenens engagements, as well as a long-term partnership with our firm.

How would you describe your role at Concorde?

As a matchmaker.

When I take a job order, I don’t just ask the practice description questions that everyone asks. I always ask my clients, “If I could locate the perfect candidate, describe what he/she would be like.” When I speak to candidates, I always ask them, “When you imagine providing coverage, what would the ultimate situation look like?” I then try to make the best match in both skills and personalities.

Why should an organization or candidate choose Locum Tenens?

Many hospitals/health systems believe that if they bring in temporary doctors, it will be a revolving door and there will be a new doctor coming in every week.

This is not the case with Concorde. We gather a small circle of well-qualified physicians – they become credentialed with the facility and return again and again. They appear to be part-time staff. They provide continuity of care and develop relationships with other physicians, support staff and the community. It also saves candidates time spent on paperwork because they work at only a few facilities.

Many of our clients and candidates find this to be an excellent way to a direct hire placement.

What differentiates Concorde from its competitors?

We only present candidates that are a match to our clients’ needs and only place candidates in assignments that they are suited for.

We do not place a physician just to obtain a fee. We would rather tell a client that we cannot help them than place a physician with mismatched skills or interests. And, we never offer candidates with substandard training, discipline problems or multiple lawsuits. I think this commitment to high quality is why I have many of the same client relationships first developed 17 years ago.

How can Locum Tenens help improve patient satisfaction?

Interpersonal skills can be just as important as medical ability. Physicians who are experts in their field and have good rapport with patients, support staff, etc., can really help.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Concorde?

Developing relationships with all of the different people I “meet” every day. Even though most of our relationships are built over the phone, our clients and candidates know that when they are working with us, they have someone that they can trust.

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