The Affordable Care Act: Where Do We Go from Here?

There’s plenty of speculation, but no one really knows what effects the Affordable Care Act will have on health care staffing.

It’s safe to assume the shortage of physicians will intensify due to the influx of new patients. In a few years, the main issue will probably be in Primary Care. But the initial overload may actually be on Specialists – Gastroenterologists, Pulmonologists, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists (diabetes), Oncologists, Rheumatologists, Vascular Surgeons, etc.

Why would Specialists be strained before Primary Care? The thinking is that people who haven’t been insured until now haven’t been receiving preventative care. They’re not accustomed to seeing a Primary Care Physician for routine check-ups that focus on issues such as nutrition, exercise and other habits.

Serious health conditions that lie beyond the scope of Primary Care may have gone untreated for many years. And now, these patients finally may try to get relief as quickly as possible with the help of Specialists.

Whatever happens as the ACA takes effect, rest assured that your partners at Concorde are keeping a close eye on the changes nationwide. We’re determined to help you meet your evolving needs with high-quality physicians and Allied Health professionals, so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help.

Jamey Morgan