The Importance of Proper Charting and Dictation

With so many hospitals running on tight margins, the need to capture revenue wherever possible has never been greater. Few practices have the potential to drive greater revenue than timely, rigorous and consistent physician charting and dictation. These skills should never be overlooked in your recruiting and training efforts.

Many organizations rank their physicians by their attention to detail in recommending and tracking healthcare services for patients. They look for careful notation of every conversation, prescription and piece of advice given, because such vigilant recordkeeping helps ensure they’re seizing every opportunity to both drive revenue and provide better care.

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Charting and dictation, however, are not learn-on-the-fly skills. There are a set of best practices for success, and the physicians who follow them help support the profitability and decrease the malpractice risk of the organizations they serve.

That’s why Concorde includes screening for charting and dictation skills as part of our stringent physician qualification practices. It’s just one more way we’re holding ourselves, and our candidates, to higher standards—and helping our clients achieve higher performance along the way.