The Proper Way to Accept a Physician CV Referral from a Firm

At times working with physician search and locum tenens firms can lead to duplication of efforts or confusion. A reputable firm wants to make your job easier by providing the pertinent information you need as well as not create a dispute around the referral. NAPR (National Association of Physician Recruiters) and NALTO (National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations) have standards by which their members have agreed to abide by. Member Firms agree to do the following.

  • Examine the education, employment, background of the physician and interview them before making a referral
  • Match the qualifications of the physician’s credentials to your position
  • Present all the above information to you when representing a physician for referral
  • Obtain permission from physician to refer his/her CV
  • Obtain permission from you to refer CV (follow your process)
  • Disclose the name of your facility and information on the job to physician in order to obtain their permission to refer
  • Assignment specific referrals for locum tenens positions not referring for the purpose of registering a name to block other firms for subsequent assignments

Having accurate information on the physician’s background can help you to move the process along more quickly and increase your odds of the landing the physician. The benefit of using a firm is to screen the physicians so you are not calling through a stack of CVs looking for a fit. If you are accepting CVs by only clearing a name you are not receiving the benefit of this service. Time is money!

Firms that refer a CV as soon as it hits their website are not screening and wasting your time. If they belong to NAPR or NALTO they are also in violation of the standards they agreed to abide by. If you find a firm doing this you may report them to the organization.

Get the most from the firms you are working with and help uphold our industry standards by requiring NAPR/NALTO ethics and procedures are followed.

Concorde Physician Source is a founding member of both NAPR and NALTO. If you have questions on Ethics and Standards of the Industry please feel free to contact us. Ken Williams is the current Arbitration Chair of NALTO.