Why providers work with recruiters

Providers may ask themselves why respond to a recruiter versus submitting my CV directly to the hospital. What is the role of a recruiter?

The answer is….Searching for the right practice is a process. Practicing medicine is also a process involving several support professionals. Recruiters have a role to help you gather information and help you through the process. You cannot make a decision about a job or locums assignment until you have gathered the necessary information. This involves the practice details, volume, call, support staff, other providers, and financial package as well the city you will be working/relocating to.

It would be hard to practice medicine if you had to follow the entire process on your own. Imagine scheduling your own patients, prepping them in a room, drawing the blood, taking vitals, examining the patient and completing everything else by yourself. You rely on a team to practice effectively. Why is something as important as where you will work and possibly live any different?

Finding quality Locums assignments or the right permanent job is a very involved process. There are many moving pieces to the puzzle. If you submit your CV directly to a hospital you have very little information and fall into a deep human resources hole. At Concord(e) Physician Source we team up with you to find out what is important to you. As a team, we will develop a list of what information you need in order to decide whether you want to accept an offer or a locums assignment. We will guide you through the process until the end. Recruiters are not decision makers (that is your role) we are information gathers and your advocate when necessary. This is why providers send their CV to recruiters.

Patients come to you for your medical expertise. Rely on a recruiter for professional career expertise. This is your livelihood do you really want to wing it? Consult a Concord(e) recruiter and benefit from our fifty years of experience.