Why Transparency Matters

To us, it’s a matter of trust. You deserve to know where your money goes when you work with a medical staffing firm. How much is the doctor actually being paid? How much is going to malpractice insurance, travel expenses, etc.?

At Concorde Staff Source, we’ve built our business on honest relationships with our clients. One of the fundamental elements of these partnerships is our transparent billing process. We provide detailed, itemized quotes and invoices for every client, every time.

Meanwhile, some firms will only give you a vague document that leaves you in the dark about exactly how your money is being spent. Others will introduce fees on the back end for “credentialing,” travel coordinating and more.

You don’t need the surprises. And with Concorde’s transparent billing, you don’t have to worry. It’s not only important to a trusting business relationship; it’s also helpful for accounting purposes because you can easily line up what you’re paying your locum tenens physicians against the revenue their services are bringing in.

The same commitment to operating on the level also applies to our physician placement and allied health placement services, where you pay only for successful results, nothours logged.

Transparency—it’s just one more way we’re holding ourselves to higher standards … and delivering better results for you.

Jamey K. Morgan